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Where Do Writers Find Their Inspiration?

Where Do Writers Find Their Inspiration?.

An interesting post for both authors and readers ….. I hope!!!


The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train

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Hi everyone,

I really don’t think anyone is reading this, so if you do please post on the blog. Anyway, I’m in the editing process for my next book. Below, you’ll find the opening foreword. Just want to know if you think it would make you want to read the book.


Author’s note


I suppose it was always going to be my job to tell future generations about the end of the world. Although we’ve rebuilt things, most people still see it like that because we’ll never get back what we had. Well, not completely anyway.

I’m Casey Campbell. I know we don’t use surnames that much anymore, but I still like to use mine. I was fourteen when all this happened and, through luck mainly, I got caught up in the middle of everything that happened. I met all the major players and became pretty major myself.

Most of what you’re going to read comes from my diary, which I kept throughout the early years. It wasn’t a secret password type diary; it was a reporter’s diary. I was going to be the next big thing in the media, so I wanted to find my voice and my writing style. The entries are written in the style of a Guardian type journalist not a Sun type journalist. I had more class than that! In the end, though they became reports from the front line and were far more emotional than I was expecting.

The diary is not my only source. I also had complete access to our web based government archives, interviews with those involved, private emails and other diaries written at the time. I’ve tried not to edit the diaries too heavily, but sometimes I just went too OTT! Taking all this into account, this is going to be the definitive version. What we don’t know about those first six months now, we’re never going to know.

Thanks to everyone who helped with their time and advice.


Casey Campbell May 2035 

Why write?

Over the past three weeks, since putting my book on Kindle, I’ve wondered about what motivates me to write. Since deciding I wanted to write a book on a landmark birthday (!) I have written three full novels. The first was based on a BBC character, so that will never see the light of day. In any case that was just a trial run in many ways just to prove to myself that I could maintain some sort of narrative flow. The second was ‘The Girl on the Train’. The third, which I am trying to redraft at the moment, is called ‘The Vanishing’. I think both of these novels are worth putting in the public sphere, but I have no idea whether this is the case or not from a reader’s point of view.

So, why write? First, I suppose it’s because I feel  like I have something worthwhile to say. Second, because it is like an itch you have to scratch. With all the slings and arrows of a author’s life I sometimes get disheartened, but I couldn’t imagine not writing. Third, it is for my children. In many ways I want to show them a side to me that is different and a side that I hope they will be proud of. With everything taken into account I would rather have this hobby than any other, and who knows, it may just lead to the holy grail of strangers reading and loving my books.

The Girl on the Train Taster

As promised, here is a taster for The Girl on the Train

Chapter 1

“Last night I dreamt of Cronulla Beach again.”

Bobby sighed inwardly as Holly’s now familiar Australian accent broke the early morning silence on the train to Cannon Street. She’d just got into an article about Johnny Depp and she hated being interrupted. Turning to her friend she attempted to arrange her features into something approaching concern.

“Its OK!” snapped Holly “You don’t have to listen to me. Obviously Johnny Depp’s love life is more interesting than my problems!”

The pair of them giggled as they replayed what she’d said. A few of the commuters looked round but they quickly returned to their papers as Bobby’s haughty stare met them.

“Well I know who I would rather have in my bed!”

The next five minutes saw the two girls trying to avoid eye contact as even a glance was enough to start them off again. Once they had calmed down Holly continued.

“What am I going to have to do to fit in? What’s important at St. Ignatius? I know you’ve told me before but I think I need a pep talk.”

“Well it’s fairly lame most of the time like any school. I mean maths is maths wherever you are isn’t it?”

“I really like maths. It’s so interesting when you understand ….”

Holly trailed off as Bobby glared at her.

“Try to keep your enthusiasm to yourself! It might be cool in Palm Beach but…”

“Are you kidding? Australia’s worse than here. If you’re no good at sport you’re no-one. Isn’t this a top school? My dad says the results are brilliant.”

“At four grand a term you’re not allowed to be lazy but that doesn’t mean we like it.”

“Sorry Roberta!” Holly always used Bobby’s disliked full name when she was getting a bit patronising. “Is there anything I am allowed to like?”

“Don’t get sarky with me! Obviously choir as that’s our main claim to fame as a school. Sport too. I assume you’re good at sport?”

“What fair dinkum Aussie isn’t?” Holly replied in her broadest Northern Beaches accent.

Bobby smiled, knowing that her ability to laugh at herself would make life a lot easier for her as she settled into St Ignatius.

“Coolio. Just don’t get too excited about maths and you’ll be fine!”

Holly settled back into her seat and started murmuring passionately.

“Geometry. Algebra. Yes. Yes!”

Bobby had a furious fit of the giggles. Although she’d been on the receiving end a few times already, Holly’s wicked sense of humour still seemed at odds with the cute innocent face she possessed. Once she’d recovered, out came her Cath Kidston make-up bag as she prepared for school. Holly watched in fascination as she tried to commit the flowing strokes of the blusher and the precise shaping of the eyebrows to memory. Bobby gave her the blusher when she’d finished with it and watched as she looked for all the world like a young girl let loose in her mother’s dressing table. She smiled as she realised that that’s just what Holly was.

“Let’s have it back. You don’t need any make-up you lucky thing. Your skin’s perfect. In any case there’s no point drawing attention to yourself on your first day. Squirts aren’t allowed to wear make-up.”

“Nor are you!”

“Everyone in Year 10 wears some and they can’t give us all DTs can they?” 

“Who do I have to look out for?”

“Well the Year 10s should leave you pretty much alone. I’ll see to that. Year 9s can be real bitches but they’re usually all talk. Year 8s are up to you but I reckon you’ll be fine. The head, Mrs. Patterson, known as Fatterson for obvious reasons is cool for a head but get on the wrong side of her and she can shame you in front of the whole school. Never happens more than once. You’ve hit lucky with your tutor. ‘Stun’, that’s Mr. Gunne to you. He’s wicked and the nearest thing to a muffin on the staff.”

“What’s a muffin?”

“You’ll know as soon as you see him. He takes choir as well. He’ll ease you in but you’ll have to look after yourself after he’s finished registration. I can’t protect you all day but tell me if any of the Mean Girls give you hassle and I’ll sort it. Don’t look so scared. You’ll get through. Everyone else has. Wait till they hear that voice of yours! Pure Charlotte Church … before the booze and the rugby players of course!”

Holly smiled appreciatively then made a mental note to remind herself who Charlotte Church was. The British celebs could be pretty difficult to get used to for a girl who’d focussed on the Home and Away actors who filmed just down the road from her in Palm Beach most days.

Bobby returned to ‘putting on her face’ as she called it and Holly closed her eyes. Before her new life started in earnest, she wanted to sort out in her own mind how she’d got here.

Taking the first step.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally plucked up the courage to self publish on Amazon Kindle. My book, ‘The Girl on the Train’, was about 3 years in the writing, editing, re-editing, re-re-editing, re-re-re ….. well you get the picture!! I suppose for any author that step is the most difficult because you are allowing readers to say ‘It’s great!’, ‘It’s rubbish!’ or, even worse, not be bothered either way!  

The book has been live for less than a fortnight and I’m still waiting for that all important first sale. Once I get that I’ll feel a hell of a lot better.

My next post will include a section from the book, so any would be readers can try before they buy!

Regards David

Who is David G. Pearce?

A question I’ve often asked myself! However, I’ll spare you my psychological musings as they are between the lines of my books for anyone who cares to look for them!!

For the purposes of this blog I am a new author for teens and young adults trying to build a readership and introduce people to my first and, hopefully, subsequent novels. This blog will probably look at the highs and frequent lows of the would-be published writer. I will use this blog to talk about my favourite authors in the same field to introduce readers to the amazing talent that is out here at the moment in the Teen/YA field.

Regards David