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June 27, 2011

Hi everyone,

I really don’t think anyone is reading this, so if you do please post on the blog. Anyway, I’m in the editing process for my next book. Below, you’ll find the opening foreword. Just want to know if you think it would make you want to read the book.


Author’s note


I suppose it was always going to be my job to tell future generations about the end of the world. Although we’ve rebuilt things, most people still see it like that because we’ll never get back what we had. Well, not completely anyway.

I’m Casey Campbell. I know we don’t use surnames that much anymore, but I still like to use mine. I was fourteen when all this happened and, through luck mainly, I got caught up in the middle of everything that happened. I met all the major players and became pretty major myself.

Most of what you’re going to read comes from my diary, which I kept throughout the early years. It wasn’t a secret password type diary; it was a reporter’s diary. I was going to be the next big thing in the media, so I wanted to find my voice and my writing style. The entries are written in the style of a Guardian type journalist not a Sun type journalist. I had more class than that! In the end, though they became reports from the front line and were far more emotional than I was expecting.

The diary is not my only source. I also had complete access to our web based government archives, interviews with those involved, private emails and other diaries written at the time. I’ve tried not to edit the diaries too heavily, but sometimes I just went too OTT! Taking all this into account, this is going to be the definitive version. What we don’t know about those first six months now, we’re never going to know.

Thanks to everyone who helped with their time and advice.


Casey Campbell May 2035 


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